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Determination – Daily TAGline

Thought: You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Challenge: The hardest step to reaching your goals and overcoming adversity is always the first step. Knowing that God is at your side, find the strength and confidence within you to move forward starting today. What action can […]

Service – Daily TAGline

Thought: No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden on another. Challenge: Look around you today. Who needs help? Share your blessings with them and lesson their burden. Find a way to let God's light shine through you in the service of others today. Reference: Each of you should use whatever gift […]

Attitude – Daily TAGline

Thought: Don't let the past remind us of what we are not now. Challenge: Look to your past as a source of happiness and fond memories. Don't spoil the present with the fact that growing older does not allow you to run as fast, jump as high or even think and remember as well as […]

Faith – Daily TAGline

Thought: The best angle from which to approach any problem is a try-angle. Challenge: If you change your problems into opportunities, how would you take advantage of them? Take a minute to reflect on the opportunities in your life to resolve an issue. Now use this new angle to show the world how easy it […]

Love – Daily TAGline

Thought: If you see someone without a smile, give them yours. Challenge: It's so easy and you don't lose yours in the process, in fact, yours may very well grow in the reflection. So start today with a cheerful heart, showing God's love to others with a simple smile. Everybody wins! Reference: A cheerful heart […]

Encouragement – Daily TAGline

Thought: A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow. Challenge: Treat others with respect and kindness, encouraging them and appreciating the uniqueness that makes them who they are. You will know you have been successful when […]

Determination – Daily TAGline

Thought: One day or day one…It's your decision. Challenge: You can't plow a field by turning it over in your mind. You can either think about it or start plowing. When you take your shoes off at the end of the day today, check and see if there is any mud on your soles. Reference: […]

Priorities – Daily TAGline

Thought: The big question should not be, "What can we do tomorrow?" The question should be, "What can I do today to prepare for tomorrow?" Challenge: Are you prepared for a tomorrow that isn't guaranteed? Christ told us that we won't know the hour or the day. What if it's tomorrow? Review your conscience and […]

Comfort – Daily TAGline

Thought: The more authentic we are within ourselves, the more authentic we can be with those we love. Challenge: It's easy to pretend life meets expectations so we become content with less than our potential. Take a minute to truly reflect on your current situation. Find a way to be honest with yourself so that […]

Priorities – Daily TAGline

Thought: No one is always busy. It's always about priorities. You will always find time for the people and things that are important to you. Challenge: If you don't or won't find the time, are the items you were too busy for really important to you (or God)? What did you deem not important today? […]