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CHALLENGE: "The next time you find yourself questioning why God allowed a trial in your life, remember to trust his plan. Pray, not for understanding, but for the strength to get you through the trial."

REFERENCE: "Trust him always, O people; pour your heart out before Him. God is a refuge for us."

Psalm 62:8,


  • Lucy says:

    Thanks and ouch! This is what happens when you combine schoolboy French and an online trro.latnasLinca, the artist (Vernier) was born in 1831. But of course the image design may have been older and may have been copied.

  • http://www./ says:

    These are very disturbing stories, I know it happens many times over. This sickens me. How long will it take for us to get it? We must keep talkiing about it, how ever long it takes. Thanks for the information.

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