What is your favorite TAGline? Our new TAG book contains many favorites that we have collected over the first 15 years of TAG. That’s a lot of inspiration – for every season – and every season of life.

Over the course of TAG’s 15 years, we’ve inspired tens of thousands to Think About God on a daily basis and invite God into their life through daily TAGlines – over 6,000 of them.

Accordingly, our TAG book is a collection from thousands of the most inspiring of our daily TAGlines. We all need inspiration and a reminder to make God a part of our daily lives and inspire others to do the same. Whether you order it for yourself to help find the motivation to live for God to the fullest or give it as a gift for a friend who could use a helping hand, our TAG book can provide the inspiration you need on a daily basis.

We think the TAGline book will inspire you and help to strengthen your relationship with God. And it also makes a great gift for friends and family, and for anyone who needs to find spiritual strength from these daily messages.

All book sale proceeds contribute to our mission of inspiring others around the world to Think About God on a daily basis.